Medical Dermatology

We offer care for the most complex dermatologic conditions. Dr. Kaymen has extensive training and experience with everything from cutaneous immunologic diseases to innovative treatments for the common wart. Our office is small, allowing the staff to get to know all of our patients and for you to get to know us. We try our hardest to return phone calls promptly and meet all your needs efficiently. You could say that we are a bit old fashioned in this way. We will even remind you by phone when you are due for a skin cancer screening.

We also take care of any outside referrals you need for conditions that we may not treat. If what you need is complex skin cancer surgery or a fancy contact dermatitis specialist, no problem. We can also work closely with your primary care doctor if necessary to make sure you get the best care possible.

A very important part of what we do is preventive skin maintenance. We recommend a yearly complete exam for almost everyone. We will evaluate your risk of getting skin cancer and give you some ideas of what to look for. Please always call us if you ever see anything new or different. A quick trip to the office to be told everything is okay is well worth it.