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Even with the best intentions, our faces inevitably show signs of age. The lower face and cheek area lose volume and gravity pulls everything down. Mix in a little hereditary fullness of the jowl and neck and as good as you feel, you want help! This is where fillers are a great option.  Think of fillers as adding support and fullness to the cheekbone area and the lower half of the face. They restore the volume you have lost through the natural aging process.  Adding gentle fullness to the lips and restoring their contour can really enhance your appearance as well. And no, we are NOT talking about huge lips – just tiny amounts placed carefully at the lip border. No one will know except you!  

The fillers that we use are all made from connective tissue substances that are found naturally in the skin. Radiesse, Volbella, Belotero, Juvederm and Voluma are some of the products we offer. You may elect topical anesthetic before having any of these products injected, although most products now come with anesthetic mixed in already, which drastically reduces discomfort.

Filler injections are quick and easy. Some patients will get a little swollen afterwards, and there can be bruising. We recommend taking the afternoon and evening off after your appointment. You may find that you do not need it, but better safe than sorry. And please stop any ibuprofen, aspirin and fish oil supplements two weeks before your appointment to minimize bruising.

The cost of the fillers varies. Please call the office for information. Make sure you are on our email list to take advantage of specials that we run about twice a year. Fillers come in syringes, and the charge is based on how much you get.

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