Hair Loss Disorders

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We see men, women and children with all forms of hair loss. Should you or a family member be experiencing this condition in any form, make an appointment for a complete evaluation. Please make sure you come in with a full list of your medications. Taking a picture of the bottles can be helpful. We will take a complete history, examine your scalp and hair, and review any relevant medical history and lab work. We will recommend treatment and referrals as necessary. On occasion a biopsy is necessary, and that will be done at the time of your appointment. The cost of a consultation and biopsy is usually billable to your insurance. Call the office to make sure we are in your plan. If not we have a cash price schedule available.

Many patients with hair loss seek multiple opinions. We completely understand — it can be devastating. If you have been to other physicians for your hair loss, it is often really helpful to come to us, too. We will want all your previous records, if possible, and any prior biopsy results. Each opportunity to better understand your condition will bring you one step closer to accepting it and moving forward.

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