Leg Veins

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Unsightly leg veins are not fun. Even teenagers can have them. They are caused by a combination of hereditary factors, and lifestyle and occupation. Someone with a parent who has bad leg veins is probably destined to have them, too. At Presidio Dermatology we treat minor small leg veins that appear like little spiders on the sides of the thighs and lower legs. If your leg veins are much bigger than this, or show some swelling, then we may have you see a vascular surgeon, as well. Often treating the bigger vessels first makes the smaller ones respond better.

We specialize in the vein injections, called sclerotherapy. A small amount of an FDA-approved chemical called polidocanol is injected into the vein. The vessel swells and then goes through an inflammatory process that over time causes the vessel to shrink and fade. It is very important to realize that while the vessels are going through this inflammatory phase they do not look good. Often the whole process takes several months, so in general this procedure is best done during the winter. Touch ups are often necessary. The results are not perfect, but patients are typically pleased with the outcome. A full session usually costs $500 and a touch up is $200. There is a separate charge for support hose.

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