Nail Disorders

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When nails are behaving we take them for granted. But, when they do not behave they can be painful, unsightly and interfere with daily life.

Nails of course are part of the skin. Common disorders include fungal infections, bacterial infections, yeast infections and inflammatory disorders. Although nails are NOT the windows to the soul they can reflect the state of your general health, so it is important to pay attention to any nail changes.

The most common nail issue we see is fungal infections, mainly of the toenails. And yes, young children can have toenail fungal disease. We will make sure the diagnosis is correct and then devise a treatment plan.

Other things can go wrong with nails, as well. Chronic cuticle inflammation and compromise can lead to painful infection with yeast, bacteria or both. Abscesses can form that need to be drained. We can take are of all of this, for fingernails and toenails. Small mucous cysts can form especially on the hands that need attention. Warts are a common problem too.

And then of course there are aging changes. Ugh, you say! But nails age just like everything else about us. They get thinner (or thicker for toenails) and often split at the ends. An evaluation can he helpful and is included in a total body skin exam.

And lastly it is possible to get skin cancer under the nails. If you notice something under the nail that is different or dark in color make sure to show us. Come in without nail polish, if applicable.

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