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Acne is very frustrating! From the 11-year-old with her first pimple to the 50-year-old who is still breaking out, living with acne is a real challenge. Presidio Dermatology takes a โ€œwhole personโ€ approach to your care. We will first evaluate your skin. It really helps to bring in all the products, including prescription medications, that you are currently using or take photos of the bottles. Please come in make-up free if possible! We will take your lifestyle, past experiences with acne treatments and budget into account, and plan a course that is right for you. We are an iPledge-certified office, and feel very comfortable prescribing isotretinoin when necessary.

We sell several great acne product lines for both adults and teenagers. We can also give you recommendations for drug store lines if you prefer. You may also want to try a series of acne peels that can help settle down active disease. Keep in mind that acne visits and prescription medications are covered by insurance but skin care products and peels are not.

Rosacea is a form of adult acne. It is different from hormonally-based acne, and often involves more redness of the face along with flushing and blushing. Certain triggers that are common, including alcohol, heat, spicy foods and exercise. If you think you may have rosacea, no need to panic. We will suggest a regimen involving medication, skin care products and possibly some laser work. We have an IPL device that is approved for the treatment of both the breakouts and the redness and flushing of rosacea. We have more information about the IPL on the website under that specific procedure.

We certainly can make you happier with your skin. Never give up because we wonโ€™t.

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