Warts, Lumps and Bumps

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Oh, those pesky warts! Who wants them?  And why do kids have to get them? And why does treatment have to hurt?  

Warts are caused by a virus called human papilloma virus. There are many subtypes of this virus, including ones that like the hands, ones that like the soles of the feet and ones that like the genitalia. We can treat all forms, in children and in adults. Sometimes home treatment is the best way to go and can be combined with in-office procedures. As frustrating as they are to have, and as frustrating as they are to treat, warts are usually not a threat to your health. Multiple visits fairly close together are often necessary.

Lumps and bumps can be scary. Maybe it is something you have never seen before, or something that is changing. Certain forms of skin cancer can start as small bumps, so call if you have a concern. Small cysts and concerning moles are treated in the office at the time of your visit under local anesthesia. Larger lesions will need to be scheduled for surgery. We are often a good place to start, as all our procedures are done in-office with no need for an OR, etc. If you need to be sent to a general surgeon, we will help arrange that. It is always very important to call for any lesion that you are worried may be skin cancer.

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