Eczema and Psoriasis

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Do you have a diagnosis of eczema or psoriasis? Or worried that you might?

Patients are often given these diagnoses as children or young adults. Some lucky people remain stable and dont need ongoing care. But, many others do. If you are frustrated and wonder if there is a better way, come see us!

We will start with a careful history followed by a review of your medications. After your exam we will then discuss our recommendations. Getting a fresh approach can often be very helpful.

Treatments have changed and are continuing to change. We will assess whether there is something new that you could try.  We have a very close affiliation with UCSF in case you need a specialized form of treatment that we do not offer.

Many of the new treatments of psoriasis are heavily advertised on TV and in magazines. Some of these medications can make a huge difference for patients and can lead to almost complete control of the psoriasis. Becoming knowledgeable about options including risks and benefits is very important!

Please bring in any medication that you have been using or take a picture of it before your visit. All our physicians are careful, considerate clinicians. You can expect the best!

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