Treatment of Redness and Blood Vessles

San Francisco Dermatology | Blood Vessels | Cosmetic DermatologyOur favorite treatment for unwanted blood vessels and redness of the face in women and men is the Palomar IPL. The IPL works by inflaming your blood vessels causing them to shrink as they heal. We use IPL for shrinking the small little broken capillaries you may have on the cheeks and around the nose. It also very effectively fades the small bright cherry red spots we get all over our bodies as we age, called cherry angiomas. There is usually no bruising and the procedure takes just a few minutes. Your skin will be red when you leave. Some patients get some swelling as well. It usually takes more than one treatment session to clear a larger patch of vessels. The cost varies, so please call the office for more information. For rosacea patients who are flaring the IPL is great at calming things down. Please remember that IPL is not covered by insurance.

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